Paving the way to a more sustainable future.
DirtGlue® Industrial 

Leading ESG supplier of next generation pavement alternative.

Creating Green, Eco-Friendly Hard Surfaces, Stabilizing Gravel, Mulch, Pavement Pads and Roadways with DirtGlue® Industrial Polymer and GES family of products.  

DirtGlue® products are sustainable, environmentally conscious building materials meant to replace asphalt, cement and traditional dust inhibitors at a fraction of the cost, while providing significant CO2 footprint reduction.   

Packaged as a liquid, DirtGlue® Industrial Polymer is shipped as concentrate and sprayed using everyday tools onto various aggregate and soils to form an impenetrable, UV resistant, solid surface, capable of foot, light traffic and industrial scale vehicle movement. 

DirtGlue® Industrial is a patented, acrylic polymer for use as an aggregate, soil and mulch binder with over 20 years of success, used by professional land developers, landscapers, architects, construction firms, dirt workers and DIY weekend warriors. 

DirtGlue® products are next-generation products designed with the 21st century Earth in mind.  

Did you know that approximately 1,500 lbs of carbon dioxide is generated for each ton of cement produced?  DirtGlue® Industrial Polymer provides soil stability at a fraction of environmental impact. 

Authorized for use by the California Water Authority and numerous other environmental and safety agencies, DirtGlue® products are ready for application on your next project, no matter how rigorous environmental standards may be in place.   

DirtGlue® Industrial Polymer and Product Applications

DirtGlue® products may be applied on mulch beds or stockpiles to prevent movement and preserve look, or sprayed in-situ onto dirt or gravel drives to form a finished, hardened pavement.

The possibilities are endless. 

About DirtGlue® Industrial Polymer

A proprietary, environmentally friendly, economical, non-vinyl polymer with a 25 year history of success!

DirtGlue® Industrial Polymer (DIP) is a proprietary liquid that's been approved by numerous environmental quality boards, including California Water Quality Control Board, Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) and ATEC, the military equivalent of OSHA.  Once applied appropriately to a surface and compacted, the molecules lock together like a glue, forming a solid barrier that prevents liquid passage and allows for walking or light vehicle traffic.  UV stable, this product will last numerous years when applied correctly. 

DirtGlue® products may be applied on mulch beds or stockpiles to prevent movement and preserve look, sprayed onto dirt or gravel drives to form a finished, hardened surface, used to pave dirt paths in yards or golf cart lanes, sprayed on embankments to prevent soil erosion due to storm runoff, added to areas where minimal vegetation growth is required, used as a replacement for concrete pads and boat ports, sprayed into potholes as a long-term patch fix, added to equestrian arenas, construction sites, landfills and bike trails to completely stop dust pollution, waterproof any porous media like pavers to prevent algae bloom, and numerous other examples.  The possibilities with this product line are endless.