Product Portfolio

Transform your toolkit.

DirtGlue® products address numerous opportunities:

  • Dust mitigation

  • Waterproofing of masonry and substrates

  • Pond liners and seepage prevention

  • Soil and erosion prevention

  • Pavement replacement or grassroots installation

  • Concrete pad alternatives

  • Pothole patching

  • Walking surface stabilization

Using 21st century technology, we provide novel, environmentally friendly replacements to traditional building, waterproofing, and paving materials in order to preserve natural looking settings, prohibit dust pollution, reduce our carbon dioxide footprint and solve long-term preservation issues due to water ingress and erosion.

As part of our vision, we reduce heavy traffic used to haul cement or asphalt, as well as empower individuals to be able to create hardened surfaces in an economic, effortless way.

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· ArenaKleen®

· DirtGlue®

· DirtGlue® Industrial

· DirtGlue®Dry™

· DGCool™

· DGBalance™

· DustLess®

· MasonProof™

· PolyCure™

· PotHoleGlue™

· TerraDry®

DirtGlue®, ArenaKleen®, DustLess®, TerraDry® are registered trademarks and PolyCure™, PotHoleGlue™, DirtGlue®Dry™ and MasonProof™ are trademarks of Global Environmental Solutions, LLC, and its affiliates, in the USA.